What’s the dealio, yo?

Fun facts, that may explain a lot: I’m in my thirties, past the halfway mark; I’m single (as far as my W2 is concerned); I work in retail; I live in an apartment in the suburban Midwest; I enjoy cooking and baking. The first four facts greatly influence the fifth: I’m too old and picky to eat out all the time, I like bringing my lunch to work, recipes that serve a billion and don’t translate well to leftovers have no place in my world, and I don’t live in a place of unlimited (or any) acreage, world renowned palates, constant crop yield, or with an ethnic grocery store on every corner.

My goal is to try to cook mostly healthy flavorful food on a regular basis. I usually make the same breakfast and lunch for a week; my goal is to highlight those meals here– including, if able, overall cost and how the meals evolve over the course of the week.

I’m also an avid reader, movie watcher, and (mostly) jazz listener; if I think anything I’m currently consuming is “kind of a big dill”, I’ll post it here.

Finally, why dill? Mostly, it sounds like “deal” and is edible. Also, dill is amazing and is the answer (second only to than “scallions”) to the question “you know what else would be good on this?”